My belated first post of 2013:
In which my husband has major surgery... and I go shopping.

2013 has had an exciting start. A bit too exciting really, and certainly not in a way we would have chosen.

Just a few days into the New Year my husband was admitted to hospital in the middle of the night for emergency - and major - abdominal surgery. Fortunately he's on the mend now and life is settling down once again. But for a while I was in need of some industrial strength stress relief.

So, what did I do? Well, I'm slightly loath to admit that I shopped! (All online, of course. Battling through the shops wouldn't have been any stress relief at all).

The third or fourth night into this habit I began to feel worryingly shallow. How could stock changes on the Boden clearance site hold my attention so minutely?

But then a friend pointed out that many people in my situation would slump in front of the TV, or comfort eat... or both. She herself, she said, would likely be consuming large quantities of hopelessly trashy novels. Is stress relief in the form of online shopping really any different?

I've never understood the attraction of 'shopping as therapy' before. But maybe I simply haven't been stressed enough?

Toast Bron wooden & metal inlay necklace:
Bron necklace from Toast
Of course there's the issue of shopping costing money (which I don't necessarily have, or at any rate want to spend, at the moment). But true to all those magazine articles counselling us to avoid buying things when we're stressed or emotional, I made some rather 'experimental' choices, the result being that everything has now been sent back, with just one exception - Toast's Bron necklace of polished wooden discs with metal inlay. There's something very comforting about it (I had one rather like it years ago, from a craft fair) and at £12 is a keeper.

Another consequence of my daily vigils at the hospital was that after the first few days (when I threw on whatever first came to hand), it started to focus my mind on getting 'properly dressed' every day. This is something I don't do enough of as I mostly work from home where - generally speaking - yoga pants rule!

I quickly became aware of some glaring gaps in my wardrobe (shoes to wear with anything other than jeans…!), and it's galvanised me to get on with this project and do something about it.

So watch this space - an inventory of my rag tag shoe collection coming up tomorrow!

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